​Gunshot Detection Module

Via a sensor on the board, the GDC-IoT continuously monitors your site for the characteristic concussion of a gunshot.  If a concussion  that is consistent with that found in a gunshot registers, the Gunshot Detection Module sends a command to all networked cameras to take pictures of the scene.  Once the pictures have been sent to the cloud, they are compiled into an Actionable Intelligence report and sent via a secure link to the emergency contact numbers on file.  
*patent pending*

GDC-IoT Gateway

The GDC-IoT Gateway comes with all ALETS Enterprise Management Software pre-installed and already configured for your location.  The gateway is a dedicated, stand-alone link between your site and ALETS. 

ALETS Enterprise System
​Web Portal

ALETS rounds out our Enterprise Solution by offering you a robust web portal designed to offer you complete control over your ALETS installation.

If you are an End User, view all saved site photos and videos, upload a floor plan of your site, and verify your site contact information.