Brad Jarrett received specialized training in electronics from ITT Tech and currently utilizes his training and experience to grow his own company in board design and software development (,, HTML, HTML5, asp, SQL) while also calling on his 21 years in sales and marketing.  

He is a strong advocate for self-discipline, hard work and using creativity every day to help others.  He focuses on current events and cutting-edge ideas to expand his technology.  His professional interests focus on developing ‘Actionable Intelligence’ by utilizing unharvested data from Point of Sale and other business software in order to help First Responders respond quicker while minimalizing harm to themselves and others. 

His current projects include developing ALETS (Actionable Law Enforcement Technology Software) with gunshot detection and notification and integrating Intel’s Drone, 3D, and wearables technology. In addition, he serves as CEO for Alert POS and ALETS, LLC.

His invention and technology was recently honored by receiving the 2016 Pacesetter Award from RSPA and being featured on the front cover of the June, 2016 Business Solutions Magazine for the patented-pending ALETS software and technology.  Several additional articles in other publications have featured the ALETS technology.  
Marissa Bottens has a degree in Education and has enjoyed 24 years in the Education and Training Industry.  Currently she is using that education to design systems that ensure all who use ALETS understand how to maximize the power of this cutting edge technology.  

She has been called upon to create presentations and collateral viewed by  Intel™, payment processing companies, investors as well as resellers and End Users.  She enjoys the challenge of communicating technical processes in a concise and visual manner to people of any and all experiential backgrounds.

She has a strong desire to make sure customers as well as distribution channels have the support and education they need to successfully represent their products.  She has worked as a technical writer writing everything from User’s Manuals and Support Documents to email marketing campaigns.  She has also created Point of Sale menus, and designed graphical user interfaces for software in the Point of Sale and Security industries. 

Her current professional focus lies upon creating a library of information and support for the innovative ALETS™ technology.