​Gunshot Detection Module

Via a sensor on the board, the GDC-IoT continuously monitors your site for the characteristic concussion of a gunshot.  If a concussion registers that is consistent with that found in a gunshot, the Gunshot Detection Board sends a signal to all networked cameras to start taking pictures of the site.  Once the pictures have been taken, they are sent to the ALETS cloud server to be available by a secured link sent to dispatchers.  

  • Serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth
  • Concussion sensor reduces false alarms
  • 75-foot radius reception per GDC-IoT module
  • Unlimited number of GDC-IoT modules can be installed and monitored per site
  • LCD Display
  • Mounts on wall or ceiling
  • Installs in minutes without needing an electrician
  • Battery backup 
  • Software can be installed on any Windows PC or can be monitored by our GDC-IoT Gateway
  • Each GDC-IoT can trigger up to 3 cameras. (Additional cameras can be configured for larger venues) 
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Easily integrates with your current software (Point of Sale, Medical Billing, Student Tracking, Municipal Software)