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In today’s world, we are faced with challenges we would never have thought of in the past. The security industry has seen an epic increase in the need for specialized detection, and manufacturers of detection equipment have responded. However, the venues for gunshot detection have mainly been outdoor or high-end facilities. The cost to acquire this technology is prohibitive.

ALETS began as a Point of Sale company and quickly realized the Point of Sale held a tremendous amount of Actionable Intelligence about a merchant location that Law Enforcement could utilize in the event of an emergency: information such as employees on the clock, customers currently on location, and store layouts.  Couple this with the demand to “Open the cash drawer!” made by the perpetrator and you have a possible scenario of an emergency.

In 2016, ALETS saw the need for an affordable gunshot detection sensor to marry with the Actionable Intelligence. We developed and subsequently tested a self-contained solution that is now known as the ALETS GDC-IoT. ALETS now gives every merchant location an affordable solution that will send Actionable Intelligence to Law Enforcement, whether a code was entered at the POS or a gunshot was detected.

Today, we no longer rely on the POS as the single source of information but CAN utilize the information, if desired. However, even in venues without a POS system, the ALETS solution can stand alone or work with other software be it POS, Medical Billing, Educational, etc.

“ALETS now gives every merchant location an affordable solution that will send Actionable Intelligence to Law Enforcement, whether a code was entered at the POS or a gunshot was detected.”

Designed to handle the challenges of large and small businesses!

Gunshot Detection with Camera

  • USB, ethernet, bluetooth​
  • Concussion sensor reduces       false alarms
  • 75 foot radius, 160° coverage area per unit
  • Unlimited number of GDC-IoT
      modules can be installed and
  • Mounts on ceiling or wall
  • Battery Backup
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Software can be installed any PC or can be monitored by our GDC-IoT Gateway
  • Each GDC-IoT can trigger up to 3 cameras, additional cameras can be configured for larger venues
  • Integrates with your current business software (Point of Sale, Medical Billing, Student Tracking, Municipal Software...)
  • Affordable even for small businesses

How It Works

GPS Capabilities

When you employ the ALETS solution, GPS coordinates are automatically acquired by the intelligent ALETS monitoring software during the setup process. These coordinates are included with the site information in the secure link provided to dispatchers and Law Enforcement. 
Within the ALETS solution, emergency alerts can be declared in two manners, via a four digit code or the detection of a gunshot by our GDC-IoT module.  If an emergency alert is triggered in either manner, all connected cameras take a picture of the site.  ALETS then sends them to the ALETS cloud. Within 20 seconds of receiving the report of possible gunshots fired, the cloud sends a secure link to local Law Enforcement. This link includes information already on file in the cloud, such as floor plan, employees on the clock, site GPS coordinates and contact information, as well as new information such as if gunshots were detected and images from the onsite cameras.

Dispatchers can quickly decide how to respond by sending the secure link to the Law Enforcement in route. This will provide them with an up to the minute report of the emergency alert and have pictures of the situation in progress, making it easier for them to identify how to contain and neutralize the situation. 

Target Industries

  • Educational Institutions

  • Medical Facilities

  • Restaurants & Retail

  • Office Buildings

  • Apartment Building

  • Hotels 

Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) has become the norm of the Security Industry. Our GDC-IoT is designed to work with existing IoT for merchants, educational and government facilities and anywhere bad guys tend to operate. Our GDC-IoT becomes an integral part of your IoT giving you peace of mind and gives Law Enforcement the assistance needed in protecting
your business when an emergency event occurs.
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Downloadable Version
of this GDC-IoT.pdf